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What is NameCoach?

NameCoach is a tool in Canvas that allows you to record the pronunciation of your name so that others can learn to pronounce it correctly. Once a recording has been created, it will be available in the course menu of your Canvas courses that have the NameCoach app enabled.

Below is an overview of how to access NameCoach and make a recording. For more detailed instructions (and screenshots), see our NameCoach Student Guide here.

Access NameCoach in Canvas

  1. Login at with your Caltech credentials, and select Canvas from the Academic Services section. Alternatively, login to Canvas directly at
  2. For Account/Profile access, click on Account in your left-most global navigation menu, just below the orange Canvas at Caltech logo, and select NameCoach Recorder from the menu.
  3. For course access, select any course on your Dashboard or All Courses list from Fall 2022 or later. Find the NameCoach link in the left-side course navigation menu.

Record your name

  1. From your account or course, click on the NameCoach link to see the record button. Record Name and Edit Your Info will bring up the same dialog box.  You can update your recording any time.
  2. There are three ways to provide a recording:
  • Choose Phone to receive an automated NameCoach call in which to record your name.  Provide a phone number and click Submit and Call Me to receive a callback with voice prompts that guide you through the process.
  • Choose Web Recorder to use the microphone connected to your computer or device.  Click on the Record button and follow the Ready/Set/Record prompts.
  • Choose Uploader to upload a .wav or .mp3 file you record on your computer with recording software like QuickTime.

3. Click Submit and Finish when you are done.

For NameCoach support and feedback, email