Online Learning

Online Learning

While Caltech closely monitors the spread of COVID-19 around the world, Caltech's Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach (CTLO), Information Management Systems and Services (IMSS), and the Office of the Provost are taking steps to help students continue learning remotely.

IMSS-supported tools listed on this page are available for Spring Term 2020 and require access.caltech credentials. These tools do not require a VPN connection. For a full list of student applications, please visit the Student Apps and VPN Requirements page.

Personal Privacy and Intellectual Property

In an online learning environment, students must respect the privacy of their classmates and not share personal information about other students beyond the online classroom. Students must not share class recordings, transcripts, or links to lectures and discussion sessions with anyone who is not enrolled in the class, or teaching or supporting the class. While each student enrolled in a course should have access to all course materials and learning options, they should also remember they have an ethical responsibility as members of the Caltech community to keep this information private. Violations of these expectations may be considered violations of the Honor Code and of the Caltech Code of Conduct.

To make it possible for students to experience all course content, regardless of their time zone and available bandwidth, required live class sessions will be recorded and made available only to students in the class, who must also log in using their access.caltech credentials. Neither instructors nor students are permitted to share these videos with anyone outside the class.

Students have various choices about how their images, voices, and information appear in class session videos. When making these choices, please consider the impact on learning and the sense of community in the class, which benefit from interacting with instructors and peers. For students not comfortable sharing their name, video, photo, and audio, there are Zoom settings to consider. Options in Zoom include: changing the way the text of one's name appears (e.g., first name only); turning off one's camera (NB: doing so will display a profile photo if provided in the profile settings); and typing in the chat window for questions and discussion.

Resources & FAQs

The Resources & FAQs page provides a list of offices and programs as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Course Material & Sessions

Recorded live lectures will be stored in Zoom Cloud or Google Drive.

Collaboration Tools

These tools allow you to collaborate and connect with faculty and other students.

Technical Support

For technical questions please contact the Help Desk at

COVID-19 Response

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic and our duty to the Caltech and Pasadena communities, we have moved to online teaching for the spring term. Complying with the "Safer at Home" order from the County of Los Angeles and the City of Pasadena and the Stay at Home order from the State of California, we have also limited activity on campus to essential functions. For more information, please see the Caltech's COVID-19 Response page.